"Our Strength is our Diversity" Reliance Metals Canada Limited (RMCL) is a fully integrated steel service and supply company comprised of four divisions across the country, each specializing in metals distribution and processing. Earle M. Jorgensen Company (EMJ), Encore Metals, Team Tube, and Continental Alloys & Services Canada are all industry leading steel suppliers servicing Canada’s unique industries from coast to coast. Our mission is to provide solutions to important people who make products from metal.

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news anouncement image Congratulations to Team Tube Calgary on Achieving the 2018 RMCL Safety Leadership Award!

Congratulations to Team Tube Calgary on Achieving the 2018 RMCL Safety Leadership Award!

A safety leader is anyone who cares enough about the organization to take the actions that will keep themselves and others free from danger or injury through guidance, persuasion, direction, and setting the example.

RMCL is fortunate to have a number of excellent leaders in Health and Safety. How do we know? We can see the results of their influence in several ways: increased reporting, decreased lost time injuries, more employee participation, education, and in some locations, formal auditing to provincial standards.

In 2018 Team Tube Calgary’s performance improvement in all areas stood out. Their BSO, Lara Benbow and Supervisor, Aaron Malkin, have shown great safety leadership resulting in a higher level of safety consciousness among the employees. Having completed several safety courses themselves, they have significantly raised the level of formal safety training and education for all employees.

This enthusiasm, education, and leadership has improved the level of teamwork among the staff. Reporting levels are up and incident reports show great enforcement of the company rules. The branch maintained zero lost time injuries for over 8 years. Of seven employees who are eligible for Safety Excellence Awards, six have achieved one or more.

Added to Team Tube’s impressive provincial COR audit score of 93%, this indicates a growing, evolving safety culture. For these reasons, Team Tube Calgary has been chosen as the recipient of the 2018 RMCL Health & Safety Leadership Award.

news anouncement image EMJ Toronto Nuclear Power Audit

EMJ Toronto Nuclear Power Audit

EMJ Toronto recently passed an extremely detailed and thorough audit performed by an independent company who specialize in approving vendors for the Nuclear Power industry in compliance with relevant sections of CSA N299. Our online quality system, attention to safety and the overall cleanliness and organization of the shop were critical in successfully passing the audit. Many thanks to our Safety and Quality department and our Metallurgist for their efforts in this achievement, as well as our Operations department for their proactive approach to keeping our shop safe, efficient and prepared for new business!

news anouncement image WORKING WITH RMCL


In our Family of Companies, our people make our mission possible:

Committed individuals who work hard to deliver excellence, integrity, honesty and fairness. Collaboration is what we believe in. Each and every employee has something to contribute that makes our business better.

We place the highest value on:

  • The health, safety and welfare of all employees
  • Teamwork based on mutual trust and respect
  • Personal commitment and individual involvement
  • Integrity and reliability in all circumstance
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news anouncement image Encore Delta' s new plate saw is up and running!

Encore Delta' s new plate saw is up and running!

The Schelling FM8 is the largest capacity plate saw in Western Canada, capable of cutting through any aluminum plate up to 6" thick x 13' long. Cutting tolerances of +/- .005" Bringing value to the aerospace, high tech, tooling and fixturing, military, general manufacturing industries and all aluminum plate applications!

news anouncement image What is... Chrome Shafting?

What is... Chrome Shafting?

Chrome Plated Shafting refers to carbon or alloy cold finish turned ground and polish round bar with a thin layer of chromium on the surface by way of electroplating. The chrome plating process ensures the material is corrosion or wear-resistant, and brings a highly reflective appearance to the steel itself. RMCL has chromed plate shafting and induction harden chrome plated rod in stock with both imperial (from ½” RD to 6” RD) and metric (from 20mm to 140mm) options. Our suppliers are also able to supply up to 7” RD or 200mm RD in size. We source our material from various selected sources with superior quality and highly competitive pricing.

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