In our Family of Companies, our people make our mission possible:

Committed individuals who work hard to deliver excellence, integrity, honesty and fairness. Collaboration is what we believe in. Each and every employee has something to contribute that makes our business better.

We place the highest value on:

  • The health, safety and welfare of all employees
  • Teamwork based on mutual trust and respect
  • Personal commitment and individual involvement
  • Integrity and reliability in all circumstances

Our Core Values

Mutual Respect

Recognizing and respecting each other’s roles, interests, and accountabilities, we will

  • Ensure all employees have clear and open access to management to discuss matters of personal concern as well as those of wider interest to the Company

  • Treat each other with fairness and dignity

  • Respect each other’s decision making responsibilities and lines of authority


Communicate with each other in ways that enhance the business, we will

  • Promote the exchange of ideas through an open communication network that encourages listening, understanding, and responding

  • Enhance working conditions and encourage all employees to make suggestions for improving working methods and to contribute to the search for continuous innovation and improvement in the way we work

  • Work cooperatively, not competitively, since we are all pursuing the same corporate objectives


Work to earn and sustain trust, we will

  • Create an environment of mutual trust and respect where everyone is encouraged to participate with their ideas and opinions

  • Avoid surprises that place other parties in a compromising position


Use a collaborative approach to problem solving, decision making, and negotiation, we will

  • Recognize that each employee has a unique contribution to make towards our team objectives and that our success is dependent on having good people work as a team towards common goals - ONE TEAM....ONE SUCCESS

  • Continuously seek to improve the competitiveness of our operations aiming to achieve world class productivity and employment, within which teamwork is central to the way of doing things


Provide strong and decisive leadership to ensure clear direction and a shared vision, focused on quality, productivity and growth, we will

  • Ensure all managers communicate directly, clearly and honestly with all employees

  • Develop and challenge our employees while demonstrating faith in their abilities by encouraging them to take ownership in their positions and to accept the responsibility and accountability for our success


Provide quality service and products to meet or exceed our customer’s expectations, we will

  • Listen carefully, anticipate and deliver what the customer needs and want


Maintain high standards of integrity and conduct, we will

  • Exercise scrupulous care to preserve high standards of conduct when engaged in transactions of any nature on the Company’s behalf

  • Perform our job in the best interest of the Company, customers, and suppliers


Give each other the benefit of the doubt, we will

  • Recognize and value differences in employees’ backgrounds and skills and provide equality of opportunity for all employees regardless of sex, race, creed, colour, national or ethnic origin, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, religion, political views or age

  • Give each other an opportunity to explain actions or events before reacting and be accepting of honest mistakes

  • Recognize that agreement is not always possible and that there will be times when we must "agree to disagree"


To achieve managerial, technological and operation excellence demands high and sustained levels of competence and skill, we will

  • Commit to developing and enhancing employees’ capabilities through continuous training and education

  • Focus on skills, knowledge, competence, performance and work experience


Job Description:

Currently Team Tube is seeking a Warehouse Supervisor for the Calgary, AB location.

Job Description and Productivity Requirements:

This is a working Supervisor position. Duties will include working on the floor, using the overhead crane and 3 bandsaws. Helping out with all warehouse tasks. Loading trucks, packaging orders, housekeeping etc.

The duties and responsibilities itemized in this document should be seen as indicative. Additional duties and responsibilities, and changes to same may occur at the BM’s discretion.

The WS is responsible for the overall running of the warehouse, including staffing, training, and policy development and enforcement.

The WS is responsible to ensure that all Health and Safety Policies and Procedures are being followed by employees and visitors at all times.

The WS is required to direct work load, supervise employees, and oversees the Maintenance Department.

The WS may also analyze and review production rates, maintenance logs, and operational reports to improve warehouse efficiency.

The WS is required to ensure that the Quality Policy is trained and followed by all employees, and to determine causes of non-conformity with product specifications and make corrective actions.

The WS is required to ensure orders are filled and shipped by correct date as indicated on customer invoice.

Essential Job Duties

  • The WS is responsible for the proper running of warehouse including supervision, delegation of responsibility, and to providing direction and training to employees. (see additional job duties 1, 4 &5)
  • The WS is responsible for site safety inspections and meetings, accident/incident investigations, corrective actions, establishing safe work practices, and to provide safety training to employees. (see additional job duties 2 & 3)
  • The WS is required to check production schedules and establish production priorities.
  • The WS is responsible for inventory management at the branch and will ensure accuracy of available stock in quantity, grade, and heat.
  • The WS monitors the Maintenance Department to ensure the department is updated on preventive maintenance program.
  • The WS is required to investigate concerns for sales people such as checking material specifications, quantities, order filling accuracy, and to implement corrective actions where needed, in support of the Quality Program.
  • The WS is responsible for hiring and terminating of warehouse employees in conjunction with the BM

Additional Job Duties

  • The WS may be required to monitor employees to ensure job duties are being completed.
  • The WS may be required to check if employees are wearing safety equipment.
  • The WS may be required to make sure tractor trailers are loaded safely.
  • The WS may be required to complete the schedule of trucks on the dock.